UCI eSports Girls Summer Camp

A few weeks ago a volunteer staff that I was a part of implemented UCI’s very first eSports summer camp. Specifically, the summer camp was for girls who are interested in competitive gaming and wanted to learn more about the eSports industry. Working together under the direction of the UCI eSports Arena Director and Coordinator, a team of 6 student volunteers created a welcoming environment for girls aged 11-19. The curriculum included group bonding activities, lectures from professionals involved in various aspects of eSports, and free play on the top-of-the-line equipment in the UCI eSports Arena.

The campers (17 total) were given a survey to complete on the first and last days of camp. They were all enthusiastic on the first day, but I am happy to say that the exit survey definitively indicated that they achieved a greater understanding of eSports as an industry, they became more interested in competitive play, they left with a greater sense of community, and that they want UCI to offer the Girls eSports Summer Camp again next year.

The UCI eSports Girls Summer Camp was inspired by the success of the Women in Gaming Panel back in February, particularly by the comments and suggestions of the invited panelists. I look forward to facilitating more opportunities for girls and young women interested in gaming to learn from the amazing trailblazers that are currently out there in eSports and beyond.

Check out this link for more information about the camp, the curriculum, and the staff: UCI eSports Girls Summer Camp

And please check out Twitch.tv/UCIeSports to see interviews with some of the invited guests, as well as a mock tournament between the campers featuring a professional shoutcaster/host (Seltzer, who was a member of the UCI Women in Gaming panel).

UCI eSports Girls Summer Camp Overwatch Tournament

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