Esports, Gaming, and Playing with Gender at SDCC

Panelists at San Diego Comic Con

San Diego Comic Con is awesome if you’re a nerd, of course, but my favorite part of Comic Con was meeting and talking with these scholars and professionals who are dedicated to fostering community and learning in esports and games culture.

My fellow panelists included:

Cherie Lin, a founding member of the esports program at UC Berkeley and currently co-lead of the Women in Gaming mentorship program there.

Dr. David Surrat, formerly of UC Berkeley where he nurtured the growth of esports. Currently at Oklahoma University where he remains committed to positive change in esports.

Sarah Harker, a collaborator on a project to design a supplement for D&D designed to introduce more diversity to tabletop roleplaying games. Friends, Foes, and Other Fine Folks available now!

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